Upcoming Apartment Project In Malda

Excited to explore your dream living space? Look no further than MSC Construction, your trusted partner for upcoming apartment projects in Malda! We are thrilled to unveil two exciting developments that cater to distinct lifestyles.

Peace Apartment

First, seeking a haven of tranquility amidst the vibrant energy of Malda? Look no further than Peace Apartment. This B+G+6 development offers spacious and meticulously designed apartments, ideal for families and individuals seeking a modern living experience. Nestled conveniently within the town, enjoy easy access to all essential amenities while residing in a peaceful neighborhood. Peace Apartment one of the most excited upcoming apartment projects in Malda

Shivalik Towers

For those seeking a strategic location within the heart of Malda’s corporate area, Shivalik Towers presents a remarkable opportunity. Rising majestically with a B+G+6 structure, Shivalik Towers boasts a total area of 9000 square feet. This innovative project goes beyond traditional apartment offerings, incorporating dedicated commercial spaces for shops, offices, or conveniently located godowns. Imagine the convenience of having your business or residence nestled within a vibrant corporate hub! Shivalik Towers is another biggest upcoming apartment projects in Malda

Whether you prioritize tranquility or a dynamic business environment, MSC Construction has an upcoming apartment project in Malda to suit your needs. Stay tuned for exciting updates as construction progresses, and prepare to discover your perfect living or work space!

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