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Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd. has been a leading supplier of high-quality cement, concrete, and building materials in India for over 70 years. They invest heavily in R&D, offering innovative and sustainable solutions to their customers. Their wide range of products, timely delivery, technical expertise, and excellent customer service set them apart. Nuvoco Vistas prioritizes quality by utilizing the latest technology and adopting responsible environmental practices. They are your one-stop shop for all building material needs and are a frontrunner in sustainable construction materials. Nuvoco Vistas actively implements green initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and waste generation. They promote eco-friendly materials, aiming for a positive environmental impact.

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K.K.Corporation is an authorized distributor in North Bengal. 

An Authorized distributor of Nuvoco Vista at North Bengal


An authorized distributor in North Bengal.  

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Nuvoco Vistas Products

Zero M Water Shield

Stop leaks and prevent future problems! Nuvoco Zero M Watershield is your all-purpose waterproofing solution, applicable from cellar to roof. This product tackles common issues in both new and old construction, including leaky roofs, damp walls, pesky plaster cracks, and unsightly efflorescence. Zero M Watershield ensures proper treatment and long-lasting durability for your entire structure.

Zero M Water Shield IWC+

Nuvoco Zero M Water Shield IWC+ is your one-stop waterproofing solution! It tackles a wide range of applications, including internal and external plaster, flat or sloped roof slabs and screeds, repairs and rehabilitation projects, bathrooms, structural concrete, mortar, columns, and beams. This versatile product ensures your project is waterproofed thoroughly.

Zero M Speedex Tile Adhesive

Need a strong, no-shrink tile fixing compound? Look no further than Nuvoco Zero M Speedex! This pre-mixed product requires just water to reach the perfect consistency for your application, working wonders on both floors and walls. Speedex boasts FASTER BONDING and FASTER ADHESION thanks to its innovative SAP (Special Active Polymers) formula.

And the uses don’t stop there! Speedex is highly recommended for repairing ceramic, vitrified, and mosaic tiles, stonework, and even marble. Perfect for various surfaces, from floors to walls, it tackles most repair and rehabilitation projects, even allowing you to lay tile directly on existing tile!

Zero M Poly Rich

Nuvoco Zero M Poly Rich Wall Putty is a multi-tasking champion! This versatile putty delivers a smooth finish while safeguarding your walls, both inside and out, from the damaging effects of weather. Protect against peeling, flaking, and cracking – Zero M Poly Rich Wall Putty has you covered. Plus, its water-repellent properties fight dampness and prevent unsightly discolored patches. With a smooth finish, weather resistance, and water repellency, Zero M Poly Rich Wall Putty is the perfect solution for keeping your walls looking their best.

Zero M Latex Expert

Stop moisture damage in its tracks with Nuvoco Zero M Latex Expert! This professional waterproofing compound acts as a shield for your home’s interior and exterior walls, protecting them from serious water infiltration. The result? A longer lifespan for your building, with less shrinkage and cracking in the concrete mix.

But Zero M Latex Expert offers even more! This versatile product tackles a variety of repairs, from fixing cracks in plaster, render, mortar, and concrete to improving the bond and strength between new and old concrete and plaster. It also boasts superior durability, making it ideal for repairing spalled mortar or concrete in damaged structures.

Zero M Premium Cover Block

Nuvoco Zero M Premium Cover Block is a high-performance concrete block that is made with a blend of high-quality cement, aggregates, and additives. It is designed to be durable, water-resistant, and crack-resistant. Nuvoco Zero M Premium Cover Block is also available in a variety of colors and sizes to match your needs.

Zero M Acrylic power

Nuvoco Zero M Acrylic Power tackles leaks head-on! This high-performance acrylic waterproofing compound is made with a blend of top-quality acrylic polymers and other additives. It creates a durable, water-resistant barrier that works wonders on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, masonry, wood, and even metal. Plus, Nuvoco Zero M Acrylic Power comes in a range of colors to match your décor, making it a functional and stylish solution.

Zero M InstaMix Xpress

Need concrete fast? Look no further than InstaMix Xpress! This innovative product is a pre-blended mix of cement, sand, and aggregates, with a special additive for quick setting. Made in a controlled environment for consistent quality, InstaMix Xpress gets you ready to pour in just three simple steps: open, mix, and pour. Open the bag in a pan or mixer, add 4-5 liters of clean water per bag, mix well, and then pour the ready-to-use concrete – all with minimal mess!

Zero M InstaMix Plasto Smart

InstaMix Xpress makes creating concrete fast and easy! This pre-blended mix combines cement, sand, aggregates, and a special setting additive – all you need is water. Manufactured in a controlled environment for consistent quality, InstaMix Xpress gets you pouring concrete in just three steps. First, open the bag in a pan or mechanical mixer. Then, add 4-5 liters of clean water per bag. Finally, mix the concrete thoroughly and pour the ready-to-use mixture – minimal mess guaranteed!

Important facts:

Nuvoco Vistas isn’t just a supplier, they’re a partner. They understand the industry, the market, and your specific needs. Their commitment is clear: deliver top-quality products and services. They achieve this by using the latest technology and adopting responsible environmental practices. With Nuvoco Vistas, you get a one-stop shop for all your building material needs.

Nuvoco Vistas isn’t just looking forward, they’re leading the charge in sustainable construction materials. They’re implementing green initiatives that hit hard: reducing carbon emissions, cutting waste generation, and promoting eco-friendly materials. Nuvoco Vistas aims to make a positive environmental impact while still meeting the growing demand for building materials. They’re a reliable and forward-thinking partner for the construction industry, period.

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